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What is Reiki?


Reiki is an ancient healing method, the ‘Universal Life Force’.  It is the energy within us and all around us.  Reiki is a hands-on method of healing, to transfer the universal energy to the recipient.  The hand position corresponds to the chakra system.  Reiki is more than a healing method; it is a way to connect with your true nature, your inner self.  Reiki ignites within us to heal our lives and bring ourselves into harmony and balance.  Reiki brings us closer to who we truly are.


For many of us, experiencing negative emotions and feelings can be part of our daily life.  The problem is not necessarily these experiences themselves but rather that often we fail to fully process and release the emotions which arise as a result of these experiences and accordingly we store these emotions within our physical structure.  If these feelings and emotions are not released and are stored in the body, over time, they act as poison to the body and can lead to illness and disease being created.  We must keep our energy flowing freely within our bodies to promote health and prevent physical illness.  It is important then to identify any pain, anger or any other negative feeling that we are holding onto and find a way to release it.  Reiki helps us do that.

Reiki works because, everything in the universe including ourselves, is made up of energy and Reiki helps to get the energy moving and flowing correctly within our body.  Reiki acts to clear and release any stagnant, negative, or emotional energy that is being stored in our body.  Reiki also works to balance and align the chakra system and can cleanse our aura.

 Reiki beautifully compliments Forensic Healing, I incorporate Reiki at the beginning and ending of each session.

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