Managing Your Emotions with Essential Oils

Managing Your Emotions with Essential Oils


Can you identify with any of the emotions from the checklist.? Shine @ Energy Healing sell 10 ml glass roll on bottles coded and activated for emotional health. Through creating a sense of calmness and wellbeing and/or producing an uplifting environment. Do’Terra are independently tested therapeutic grade essential oils. Roll on bottles are an easy way to apply essential oils and blends directly to the skin. Shine @ Energy Healing only uses top quality glass bottles.

Choose the emotion (s) you identify with from the negative or positive emotions essential oil list and type in the comments section at checkout and add the quantity. Your 10 ml roll on bottle will be posted out within 1-2 working days including instructions and full description of the essential oil that matches the emotion. Postage Included.



ENERGY: Zest for life, Engaged, Focused, Revitalised, Mental Clarity, Renewed

LOVE: Gentle, Tolerant, Forgiving, Loved, Nurtured, Committed

COMFORT: Whole, Stable, Uplifted, Comforted, Cared For, Soothed, Hopeful, Interconnected, Upheld, Connected

JOY: Playful, Uplifted, Carefree, Creative, Cheerful, Abundant, Grateful, Buoyant, Sweet, Spontaneous

SAFE: Clear Boundaries, Protected, Expressive, Energetic Safety, Energetic Boundaries, Self-Contained, Courageous

ACCEPTANCE: Unashamed, Self-Respect, Inner Beauty, Body Acceptance, Worthy, Equal, Self-Acceptance, Sexual Harmony, Forgiven

PEACE: Relaxed, Harmonious, Centered, Calm, Balanced, Relieved, Contemplative, Grounded, Present

AWARENESS: Unattached, Aligned, Self-Control, Balanced Ambition, Authentic, Honest, Balanced Male Energy, Responsible, Humble

EMPOWERED: Empowered, Empowered Feminine, Rebirth, Passionate, Motivated, Well, Pure Potential, Supported

CLARITY: Confident Speech, Wisdom Generational Healing, Cleansing, Purifying, Assimilation, Knowledgeable, Chain-Breaking, Integrity, Perspective

ENLIGHTENED: Enlightened, Intuitive, Spiritual, Devotion, Transforming, Manifesting, Purposeful, Initiative

TRUST: Intimate, Adaptable, Vulnerable, Connected, Belonging, Open, Grace-Filled, Resilient, Surrender



INSECURITY: Shy, Powerless, Body Judgement, Self-Compassion, Body Shame, Self- Judgement, Worthless, Lack of Confidence, Self-Critical, Guilty

PURPOSELESS: Emptiness, Ungrateful, Purposeless, Darkness, Lack of Vision, Procrastinating, Limited

SADNESS: Pessimistic, Grieving, Dejected, Unloved, Loss, Sad, Defeated, Heavy Hearted, Estranged, Despairing, Regretful

CONSTRUCTED: Withholding Voice, Rigid, Dependent, Trapped, Blocked Creativity, Tense, Controlled, Unfulfilled, Stagnant

OVERWHELMED: Overworked, Generational Burdens, Hurried,  Negative Family Patterns, Fatigued, Unstable,  Inherited Limitations, Stressed, Unappreciated, Overstimulated

UNSAFE: Distant, Un-nurtured, Unsafe, Lonely, Unprotected, Co-dependent, Defenceless, Suppressed Feminine, Poor Boundaries, Unsupported

FEAR: Scarcity, Distrusting, Limited, Guarded, Hiding, Anxious, Damaged, Terrified

ANGER: Unforgiving, Suppressed Anger, Resentful, Resisting Femininity, Anger

WOUNDED: Traumatised, Broken, Escapism, Burdened, Pained, Abandoned, Sexual Trauma, Wounded

NUMB: Dis-interested, Lethargic, Isolated, Disconnected, Unmotivated, Apathetic, Irresponsible

CONFUSION: Self-Deception, Unfocused, Uncertain, Scattered, Out of Integrity, Mental Fog, Distracted, Confused, Inauthentic

CONTROL: Prideful, Controlling, Perfectionistic, Jealous, Imbalanced Masculinity, Excessive Effort, Wilful, Unbridled Ambition