‘Indulgence’ Crystal Soy Candles


This is your new favourite invigorating blend of zesty citrus oils, creating an abundant mood, including an abundance crystal Yes!!! Powered with pure essential oils: May Chang,  Patchouli, Lemongrass, Lemon Myrtle, Lime and Rose Geranium.  Shine @ Energy Healing personally activates your abundance crystal, which lucky dip Crystal Soy Candle will you attract? Topaz, Diamond, Chrysoprase, Hawks Eye, Citrine, Ruby, Moss Agate, Aventurine, Yellow Sapphire, Tourmaline, Carnelian, Zincite or Yttrian Fluorite? Please read instructions carefully before lighting your flame. Postage included.

Renae works from South/Eastern Suburbs (Wheelers Hill), Vic 3150

Mobile: 0401 395 000

Email:  renae@shineatenergyhealing.com

ABN:  49 162 861

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