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Forensic Healing

What is Forensic Healing?

Let’s start Investigating!!

Firstly, Forensic Healing is regarded as the deepest and most effective healing framework.  It covers 90+ healing pathways to release trauma and stress fast.  It answers long-standing questions regarding chronic pain, physical, emotional and spiritual conditions and clears stubborn relationship, health and financial blocks.  Just as a detective searches for the Who, What, When and Why clues so does Forensic Healing, it finds the clues in your energy field as to the reasons you have your condition and release it using 90+ healing pathways.  When we work with energy your body tells me exactly what it needs to heal and what changes need to happen.  This is through muscle testing and ancient practices.


Forensic Healing can transform your life.  Old negative belief patterns, negative life patterns and behaviours are cleared to support your well-being and facilitates healings on all levels, mind, body, spirit and soul.  What I’ve learnt is a person’s current state of health, energy, emotions and spirituality etc is the direct result of their past experiences (and past lives) that is stored in our cells, DNA and energy fields.  Just as we are what we eat we are what we experience in our life (lives).

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