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What can I expect in a consultation?


Renae consults in person, skype, distant healing or a person may surrogate for the person in need of a healing. A surrogate consultation requires permission from the person that wants the healing but cannot attend. An exception to this may be a child if the mother attends for her child.  

The recipient is fully clothed and lies on the wellness table.  The room will have warm lighting and background music. Renae uses Do’Terra Essential Oil’s for relaxation and clarity during the consultation. When guided Renae will use her crystal sound healing bowl or her ‘Brolga’ Shamanic Drum.

Renae re-aligns your energy field and removes the unwanted energies or attachments that are causing your conditions. In a healing session, Renae will address the conditions or circumstances you want changed and find the reasons they have occurred in your life. There will be a process of resolving and releasing the blocks. You will receive messages that assist your healing and for you to become empowered and a creator of your life. Your discomfort or pain compels change which offers opportunities for growth and expansion.

You will receive insights into your life path including your dominant patterns and healing pathways to release the stress that has accumulated over the years. Renae uses advanced holistic techniques to help create these shifts and lead you toward a life of peace and abundance.


Most serious conditions originate from emotional and spiritual blocks that require an advanced approach for energies to be released permanently and successfully. As a general observation, the clients who receive the most profound life-changing results are likely to be changing the way they live using universal laws. The more open you are to receive, the more you get!

Clients experience a feeling of lightness, deep relaxation, the feeling other people supporting you and alleviation of stress and physical pain. Other experiences include tingling and warming sensations, visions, messages from inspirational sources and enlightened beings, guidance for your life, heightened intuition and a feeling of strength, greater confidence and joy.

Renae attracts the clients she can help so you will receive life-changing results. She loves to hear that you felt drawn to come as this is the energies aligning to achieve powerful and profound healings.



What can I expect after a consultation?


After a healing you will feel lighter and relaxed, as though a burden has been lifted or your energy field has had a spring clean. You will feel more empowered and in control of your own life again with a renewed sense of purpose. You will have “ah-ha” moments as realisations continue to unfold.

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