About Me


Hi! Welcome to Shine @ Energy Healing, my name is Renae and I’d like to share with you my story.  I am a fully accredited Reiki and Forensic Healer Practitioner.   I have been an Energy Healer for several years; my focus is Women, Children and Youth.


Prior to this I was devoted to the Health and Welfare Sector.   One of my greatest strengths is my ability to empower and relate with other Women, Children and Youth from diverse walks of life.


I took a break from my Intensive Case Management role when I started a family and now a proud Mum to two precious children.  During this time, I explored how I could best serve, connect and heal others, so I decided to return to my passion - Energy Healing.


How am I different to other “Energy Healers”? Well like most of my clients, I too have struggled with Self Worth and under-valuing myself. I was the master of self-sabotage, repeating negative life patterns and not being able to get off the matrix or merry go round! This was all stored in my energy field and on repeat year, after year after year. Sound familiar?


I’ve also experienced trauma, setbacks and feeling so stuck not knowing how to change?  I’ve been powerless and generally unfulfilled in life and suffered majorly with FEAR. What does your inner voice say to you? Is it positive or negative?  I didn’t know at the time, but it all kept coming back to how I value myself and my belief systems from childhood. 


However, I kept coming back to the Why and What’s Blocking me from being the Alchemy – I know that I am. I’ve always had an innate ability to take something from ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary and sometimes in a way that cannot be explained.  This gift had been switched off through past trauma and self-doubt.  I got to a point that I was in pain emotionally, physically and I asked the Universe “Please help me unlock my true self, my greatness again.  I want to learn to completely heal myself first so I can be a pure conduit for my clients". In the last 18 years I’ve read hundreds of self-help books and studied a variety of healing modalities, this encouraged me to stay on my path to finding my Joy and Shine again! YAY


The very next day I saw an Ad for Forensic Healing Diploma on Natural Therapies pages and my heart immediately began to sing, Yes! 


For the next 18 months, I had the honour of learning from the Founder of Forensic Healing Marisa Russo and now my forever friend and mentor.  Forensic Healing is the Epicentre of Energy Healing (www.forensichealing.com ) And now I am here to transform your life too.  


Now it’s no secret the world has changed incredibly since I was a child in the 70’s and I see the pressures of today and I really feel for our children/youth.  Our beloved children/youth need to know they are loved, they are our future leaders. Let’s nurture them and give them the best possible chance in life.

I offer emotional healings relating to distressing, difficult or scary life experiences/bullying, symptoms of anxiety, depression, self -harm and people on the spectrum, mental health, substance use, having witnessed or heard violence in or out of the home/and struggling with divorce, loss or death of a parent/family member.

I want Children, Youth and Young adults to allow their dreams to flourish and to know how to value themselves, to have faith, compassion, grace, to be strong, be kind and brave, and know it’s okay to feel afraid sometimes.  These are important tools to know in this ever-changing world we live in today.


Book in for a transformational session with me and Shine @ Energy Healing.


Love and Blessings,