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About Me


Hi! Welcome to Shine @ Energy Healing, my name is Renae and I’d like to share my story. 

I'm a fully accredited Reiki, Forensic Healer Practitioner.   Holistic therapies has been a passion since 2009.

My focus is Women, Children and Youth.


Prior to this I was a dedicated  Case Manager in the Health, NDIS and Welfare Sector. I took a break, to focus on my family, a proud Mum to two gorgeous children.   


During this time, I explored how I could best serve, connect and help others, so I decided to return to my first passion - Energy Healing.

Throughout our lives we can experience trauma, fear/anxiety, setbacks, self-esteem and under-valuing ourselves to name a few. Self-sabotage and unconsciously repeating negative life patterns, year after year!  This is stored in our energy field, stored in our my belief systems and ancestral lineage. 

I learned, these are core wounds, hidden in plain sight.  Scenarios playing  out in relationships, family, addictions, financial, health or career.  These themes continue to play out, until it's acknowledged.  we can all relate to this and some may have experienced more trauma/set backs than others, it matters not. The key is to recognize those patterns identify the root cause and heal the wound(s), break free from the cycles for good! 

 I went on a quest  to find out how, what and why? And, the very next day I saw an Ad for Forensic Healing Diploma on Natural Therapies pages, my heart immediately begun to sing, Yes! 


For the next 18 months, I had the honour of learning from the Founder of Forensic Healing Marisa Russo and now my forever friend and mentor.  Forensic Healing is the Epicentre of Energy Healing ( ) And now I am here to help you heal your core wounds too.    

Other services include:  Reiki Chakra and Aura balancing, a lovely gentle healing modality.


Sound healing: Using Crystal bowls, Wurrlies, Tuning fork, Drumming and other native instruments, Sound Healing is a  powerful meditation that clears dense energy within body, mind and heart.

Essential Oils: I've found this practice to be complementary and enhances the healing process. All clients receive a complimentary roll on essential oil bottle, relating to their emotional blockage/trigger.


Now it’s no secret the world has changed incredibly, and I see the pressures of today, I feel for our children/youth.  Our future leaders need to be nurtured, nourished, know they are worthy, equal and valued.

I also offer sessions for children, youth/young adults, experiencing: bullying, self esteem, symptoms of anxiety, depression, self -harm, people on the spectrum, mental health, substance use, having witnessed or heard violence in or out of the home/and struggling with divorce, loss or death of a parent/family member.

Please pop over to my services page for details of each healing modality.

I look forward to seeing you at Shine @ Energy Healing.


All the best,


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